Hunter Farms Pics

Here were some whoppers:

They had several animals including: pigs, emus, mountain goats, llamas, miniature ponies, chickens, roosters, rabbits, reindeer and cows.

Here's the hay maze that the kids were so looking forward to. Sascha led Apollo around in it. They had a blast!

If you look hard enough you can see the boys:

Ungle Deeb:

We had to weigh our Punkin'

Unfortunately both of our cameras ran out of batteries. We bought more in their little shop and each time I put the new batteries in the camera, it only had enough juice for one picture. I was bummed! So there are no pics of the hay ride and the pumpkin patch and corn maze. And our pumpkins. Sascha got an enormous green one.

Since today is Columbus Day the kids are home from school. We pulled out all the Halloween/Fall decorations and started carving their pumpkins. And Apollo has learned a new trick. He climbs onto a chair so he can climb into his high chair. I'm not thrilled one bit about it. And... he can now unlock the back sliding glass door which I'm really unthrilled about since we have a deck that's three stories up. I'll have to figure something....
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  1. Emilee Says:

    A pumpkin patch, hayride, cornmaze, wow looks like fun! Some of those pumpkins are huge! Hopefully soon we'll start carving some pumpkins.