My Sis Visits! part one

It's great having my sister only a hop, skip and a jump away, when really I mean it's only a crossing the border, driving, ferrying (is that even a word?) and driving some more to get here. She lives right over the border in Surrey, BC. So even though we're not that far away from each other (as the crow flies), it's quite an ordeal to either pay the mundo ferry costs or drive around, which ends up adding another 2 hours to the trip. Yes, yes, we all know about the trials of living on the peninsula and having to pay whichever way you go (by ferry, or by toll bridge). Any way you cut it, I still love living here and all the beauty that comes with. The springs, summers and falls are to die for. If you can brave the winters, it's all worth it.

After dropping their oldest off at SeaTac for his first experience with college and living in the States (he's going to the U of U), my sister, along with her hubby and five other kids drove around the peninsula and stayed a couple of nights with us.

We made some yummy fish tacos for din. Afterwards there were serious RockBand skills going on. **special video coming soon!**

During the intermission we surprised Bevin (sisters hubby) with a key lime cheesecake from Costco. He's now 42 years young.

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