Silver City Brewery

It just so happened to be the 20th Wedding Anniversary of my sister and her hubby while they were in town. We got Apollo tucked in for the night and left the bigger kids in charge while we headed out to help them celebrate.

Anyway, by the time we got out of the house and over to Poulsbo for Thai food, they were closed. So was everything else there. So we headed back to Silverdale to the Silver City Brewery which ended up being a fabulous idea since they have $5 and under appetizer deals after 9pm. The food was amazing! And we ended up gorging ourselves.

FYI: My sisters are twins (Dolly's two youngest are twins too!) and they both got married on the same day. Double wedding! So Happy 20th to you too, Dorie and Eric!!! Sorry, I don't have a recent pic of you two together, so these will have to do.
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