Camping Over Labor Day Weekend

Our good friends, the Anderson's (to view their blogpost and see their pics of the event click here), invited us to go camping with them over Labor Day weekend. We had been talking about our families going camping together sometime during the summer but it never happened. So this was the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately Steve couldn't come so the kids and I got packed up and headed for Lake Cushman in Hoodsport, WA which is about ninety minutes southwest from where we live. With all the rain in the forecast they were kind enough to invite us into their trailer which sleeps ten. Perfect! Inluding all amenities: toilet, shower, microwave, stove, oven, sink, fridge, freezer, etc... Not really roughing it by all means, but no complaints here... I'd rather set up the tent when no rain is in the forecast.

Click on any of these pictures to view larger. Especially the panoramic ones.

Here is Lake Cushman which the kids loved swimming in. There was a small island off into the distance which required some swimming to get there. The kids didn't care that it was cold and windy. They said the water was warm as long as you stayed in.

The island was so exciting that once over there, this is what they ended up doing:

Here's a cute video of Apollo riding:

Brian was the talk of the town when he set up a sheet and projected a movie on the side of their trailer. Many passer-byers stopped to watch for a few.

One of the days we decided to take a drive into town and scout out the shops:

These guys found a comfy couch while we ladies browsed around in one of the shops.

Monica and Brian had the master suite which had double doors for privacy:

We had the dining table which turned into a bed:

They got the couch which turned into a bed:

And there were four beds in the back:

You can't remember everything all the time. Thus...

Brian was a good sport backing into this very tight spot. There wasn't much room at all on the other side of the road since there were more campsites there too. They ended up having to remove some of the marking posts.

Click on this panorama to get the full effect.

Thank you so much Anderson Clan for such fun memories!

2 Responses
  1. Monica Says:

    That was just such a fabulous time!! I loved your blog of our fun Labor Day trip. Lots of smiling and laughing had by all. You have a wonderful family, thank you for joining us for some camping memories.

  2. Emilee Says:

    Looks like you had a great time. I'm glad you were able to go camping.