Growth Chart, Finally!

A few months ago I picked up this board (it came primed) at Lowe's with the intent of making a growth chart. It leaned (against the wall of my dining room), and leaned, and leaned until finally last week, it got picked up, painted, measured, drawn upon, stickered, modge podged and hung. Yay! Now I can chart my kids growth in style. Honeybob and I even measured ourselves as well. I found out that Honeybob is actually a tad shorter than what he's been telling me. hmmmmm....

Please don't pay attention to my table top. It's been through a lot...
Here we are with the edges nicely painted:

And now for some measuring and stickering...

I hung it on the wall between my kitchen and living room:
Top half reads: "Growing the Gardners."
Sarah and Sascha's measurements:

4 Responses
  1. LaRee Says:

    I lub it! I need one. I have resorted to the wall.

  2. 5 ibarras Says:

    I say, you are one of the most crafty and creative people i know!! I love the growth chart! Maybe we could have a little get-together and you could help me make one :)

  3. Ostler Says:

    Thats it I'm going to have to call you Martha Stewart you earned it. So cute!!!!

  4. I love it. That is the most gorgeous growth chart I have ever seen. Don't you think it was worth the wait?