My Sis Visits! part two

So while my sister and her family were visiting, I showed them around the Harborside Fountain Park in Bremerton, since they hadn't really seen much of Bremerton.
***I didn't take this particular picture to the left. My camera died before I had the opportunity.

To the left, Bevin randomly flattened out on the damp ground, spread eagle (all limbs) to enjoy the amazing rays.
We enjoyed a picnic lunch there while sitting in the only available and dry area, which was the curb right in front of the Shipyard. This panoramic isn't aligned correctly because the sun was glaring on my screen so I couldn't see where to stitch it. But you get the idea...

On the curb, closest to farthest: Apollo, Talon, Sascha, Sarah, Montana, Takoda , Malachi, Dolly, Bevin and Keenan.

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