Naval Undersea Museum

We also visited the Naval Undersea Museum. It's a local museum where you can learn all about
  • The Ocean Environment
  • Torpedo Technology
  • Mine Warfare Technology
  • Submarine Technology and
  • Diving
They even have a room with some "hands-on" experiments which is great for both young and old. When my kiddies were much younger, their favorite thing used to be dressing up in the military gear, but now it's the gift shop. Admission is free, so what are you waiting for?
Bevin, being the Canadian he is, is not afraid to salute the American flag (shown above).
Below... Takoda sportin' some Army gear:

The Vanna's (Montana and Sarah) introducing an underwater suit.

Bevin was able to sneak into the panoramic shot of the suicide torpedo.

The kids are getting everything under control.

Malachi and Apollo checking the radars.

This working telescope actually showed a live view of the parking lot just outside. We were able to spot ours and the McMullins vans. Ours is the dark green one on the front row and theirs is the gray one just to the right.

This was something you would have on hand when greeting your honey for the first time after he/she had been deployed.

While on patrol, soldiers wore these blue coveralls, called Poopie Suits. Keenan got a kick out of that. So much that his eyes were rolling backward.

These are the squishy sleeping quarters. You'll notice there are three bunks. The bunk pulls up to store your belongings. I think a gas mask would be mandatory if I ever had to be in such close quarters on a submarine. I feel for those guys...
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