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Some good friends of ours, The Wiese's, moved over to Snohomish a couple of weeks before Christmas (luckily they'll be moving back in another year). Each of our kids are around the same age so we have a lot in common that way. Anyway, Sidney wanted Sarah to have a two-night sleepover at her new house, so they made a little trip over to come pick her up (it's about a 2 hour drive). It was nice to see them again and to do a little catching up before they had to run off.

While visiting, Luke started taking some of his first steps. It seems that whenever he sees other toddlers doing things (like walking), he catches on a little quicker.
Cute boys... Apollo and his buddy Luke. They're about six months apart. :
Me and Steph:

Luke, Sidney, Sarah and Apollo:

The handsome Wiese family.... Wait a minute...I think something's awry:
That's better.... Luke, Ty, Stephanie, Madison and Sidney:

These girls are both tiny, but Sidney can lift her Mom up into the air. Wow! She's got great skills. Thanks for showing us this cool trick:

The Saturday after Christmas we took the ferry over to Seattle to meet up with some of Steve's relatives. We met at the Seattle Center over by the Space Needle in the Center House where they have a bunch of restaurants. We all had lunch and visited with Uncle David, Aunt Pauline and their daughter Danielle (with one on the way) and Graham (hubby)and their daughter Lizzy. We also got to visit with Uncle Pete and Auntie Lynn and their son Norm and Rhianna (wifey)with daughters Emmalynn and Ellie. It was fun seeing everyone and we had a fabulous time!!! We love you!
Don't mind my cool hairdo:
Ellie, Rhianna, Norm and Emmalynn:
Pretty ladies:
Pete, Lynn, Pauline and Dave
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  1. Stephanie Says:

    I love the pics! It was good to see you guys! The girls had a blast during the sleepover, and Luke loved Sarah's attention :-) We should make plans to get together soon...I want to see what Apollo teaches Luke next. We miss you!