Apollo's Milestones

Yesterday Apollo grabbed "The Eye Book" by Dr. Seuss, hopped up onto the couch and started reading it. I wasn't really paying attention until I overheard some of the words he was saying. He was repeating, from his memory of us reading it to him, the words to the book. They weren't clear and precise words, but I could decipher what he was saying. It was a proud Mommy moment and makes me grin inside just thinking about it. It's very sad to see my little guy grow up, but it's also very rewarding. One of the rewards is that he likes to help clean. We got him a vacuum for Christmas, which he used yesterday and here he is sweeping our deck a few days ago:He even does dishes! I try to keep the breakables away from him though. We've already had a couple of casualties. As I was letting Apollo do his chores, I also let Muffin (our kitty who's an indoor only kitty) out on our deck. A few minutes later when I turned back around to see where she was, she was outta sight! I called and called and finally she poked her head over the rooftop. She was having a ball walking all over the rooftop and even hopped up onto the chimney. I didn't have my camera yet. Darn! Anyway, I ended up having to get her close enough to yank her down. I think she was too nervous to do it herself.

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