Diana's Projects

As some people may know, I LOVE doing crafty, picturey, arstsy, scrapbookey, paper-crafty things. So, here are some of the Christmas gifts I made (yes, blood sweat and tears went into these). I had these all made into 11" x 17" photos and framed (unless otherwise noted).
Geeta loves the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha, therefore...

Austin and Christian (my nephews) are inseperable so I thought Christian might like this pic that was taken while Austin's family came to visit for Thanksgiving (they live in Utah).

I hardly ever see Kaitlyn without a smile or doing some random entertaining face or dance, etc... So this was perfect for her. When I went to their house for New Years Even, they'd already hung up their wall art. It's the first thing you see when you walk into their apartment. I feel so honored!

I actually had these three pics put into a three-opening frame:
Pops grew out his beard and I insisted that he put his red sweat shirt and Santa hat so I could get a picture. Later, I made these into Happy New Year cards for him to send out which I helped him fill out late last night:

I'll post the last couple of things later after I've given them to my friend who is still in Oregon visiting family. You know who you are!!!
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