Unwanted Visitor(s)

So we have unwanted visitors...
Our neighbors across the street were getting rid of a furry critter and after spraying it with ammonia to come out of the roof, the other guy had to attack the raccoon with a broom so the other guy wouldn't get attacked. The raccoon then lost his footing and went right over the edge. They patched up the siding where the raccoon had weaseled his way in. The very next day, kid you not, we got the same visitor to our home. I saw with my very own eyes as the critter had his head poked out of a small hole leading into our attic, the wire mesh ripped completely off.
Later on we decided to see what exactly was going on up there. The attic had never been inspected since we moved in, so we didn't know what was in store. As Steve climbed up the ladder and poked his head through the attic door he shone the light to get a good look. What did he see you ask? A raccoon STARING right at him! I told him to get down RIGHT NOW! He wanted to see if staring at the raccoon would scare it away, but it didn't. Our neighbor, who is always running around the cul-de-sac helping out here and there with whatever projects need help with, came over and helped with our little project. The raccoon actually came out on his own and made it to the top of the roof while the guys hammered up some custom cut pieces of wood to fill up the hole until we get a permanent fix. All I can say is, HALLELUJAH! It's gone! For now.
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