Happy Birthday to Me Again!

Yesterday Steve left for work at 7:30am and didn't get home until after midnight. He had a couple of meetings including a press conference with John McCain over in North Bend. So to make up for it, I got to have a little time to myself this morning. First I drove Sarah to school since she had to be there early to leave on a field trip to the State Capitol in Olympia. Lucky. I would have liked to go with them but it's hard to plan for since I have Apollo.
I had planned on going to Kohl's and Costco because I had some great coupons. After looking again I noticed that they aren't good until tomorrow. Dang! So I returned some movies to Blockbuster and then ran over to JoAnns to browse around a bit. I love doing that without any kids. It's very relaxing. I also ran over to Home Depot for inspiration on some house projects. I'm thinking of putting molding around the huge mirror in my bathroom so it has a framed look. Yesterday I painted the entryway and two of the doors in the entryway. Yay! I wish I had tackled it sooner. It looks much better.
Then I ran home and grabbed Apollo from his nap and met my friend LaRee at Ambrosia's which is a catering business that is also open for lunch from 11-3. She treated me to lunch for my birthday which was last week. It was quite delish. I had the avocado turkey club and some chicken vegetable curry soup. And for dessert a yummy very lemony bar. It was all good. Later we browsed around Stupid Prices. I found some Costco e.v.o.o. for a great deal, so had to get it.
I was going to post some voice mail that I received for my b-day but can't figure out how yet. hmmmmmmmm....
Later I drove the kids to baseball. They're playing coach pitch for the YMCA and on separate teams. Today they had a game and got to play against each other. I'll have to take my camera soon to snap some shots.
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