Celebration Weekend

In case you're wondering about what the name of the green paint is called:
Lafawnda (however you spell it) Green!!! No Joke!

This year my birthday consisted of doing things for myself that I felt were both productive and that I enjoyed doing. First I did a deep cleaning of the living room and switched the furniture around. I like change. Later on I got to do some gardening with Sarah and planted some bulbs that will bloom in the summertime. I love gardening so it's great I was able to do that on my birthday. In the morning David stopped by and brought me a beautiful redish colored rhododendron bush that supposedly blooms three times a year. It's from all of them. I love it! Then not long after that Duncan stopped by and dropped off two dozen red roses in a beautiful vase from him and Kaitlyn. I'm lucky to have them living so close. The next day had been planned out ahead of time that we, as a Primary Presidency would go do a session at the Seattle temple and then go out to lunch at the Claim Jumper. All of our birthdays are more or less around a month apart so we decided to make it our birthday lunch. As birthday gifts I made each of the ladies a set of greeting cards. This is what they looked like: They told me I have to make one for myself now and we can put these all in a frame and give them to the Stake President. I'll post mine when I get it finished. I think I may do something along the lines of Diana by Design. We'll see... Anyway, we all had a great time and had lots of good laughs. I really enjoy serving with these amazing women.

Later on when I got home Steve and I went out to eat and to see Baby Mama. Some more good laughs. By the way, I must add that Teesha had slept over the night before to help out with the kids. She's an awesome babysitter, anyone will tell you that.

Then on Mother's Day David and Geeta and Christian (Teesha was already with us) came to our sacrament meeting to listen to Steve's talk. He did amazing! The kids also sang some Mother's day songs with the Primary. They were cute. Later on in RS the ladies said they thought Steve should be assigned to speak quarterly. Then someone said he should speak every Sunday. Then someone asked if they would get tired of it. They all said, No!!! I said they could all just come on over to my house and we'd plug him in for them all to enjoy. Good things are always said about him after he speaks. He has a real gift for it. Some of us are gifted in other ways. Mine is NOT speaking. I'll have to say one of the best things that happend on Mother's Day besides Steve's great talk was that the Fyffe's took Apollo with them after sacrament meeting which allowed me some time to myself without having to chase after him every minute. It was great because after church we all got to take naps because the house was so quiet.

Earlier the Fyffes (including Kaitlyn of course) had suggested a last-minute barbecue and offered to help tidy up the house. So later on everyone gathered here including the Holcombs. They all had put together some fun pictures on cd-roms and we set up their projector and watched the picture show up on the wall. It was great. LaRee made some yummy cake from scratch. She didn't realize until later that it was actually coffee cake. She was just trying to find a recipe that she had the ingredients for since this was all last minute.

Here's me blowing out m'candles. It's one of my "more becoming" pictures...

Later after everyone left Sarah pulled out a very cute card she'd made for me at school and a wonderful poem. Sascha told me that he left his at school and would bring it home on Monday. We'll see... Also at church I noticed all the kids in his primary class had little potted flowers. I asked him where his was and he said he didn't know. I demanded that he go back and get me my flowers! He's quite the character I tell ya. He gets embarrassed VERY easily. When he was up singing in sacrament meeting he was turned almost sideways with his head lowered a little bit and looked like he was mouthing the words kind of like a muppet. It was funny. I'm sure he'll grow out of it one of these days.

What a weekend! Now here I am trying to get caught up on blogging.
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  1. cute cards..I love the green. it looks alot like the green in our living room too. we have 2 greens in there...hey when is your birthday..Mine was yesterday...hey if you get a chance check out my blog...take care.I look forward to reading yours everyday...
    Gina :)