Hottest Day of the Year we HAD to take advantage. We packed up our beach gear and snackage and headed to Point No Point in Hansville. If you're not familiar, here's a map. You can also click here to find out more about it:

...and here's a picture of the famous Point No Point Lighthouse, although I did not take this picture:

Teesha (my niece) and Apollo very much enjoying themselves:

Apollo's not sure about this picture taking business...

He's trying to resist Teesha, can't you see?


My sis in law-Geeta, nephew-Christian and brother-David. It was their idea to get out today and enjoy some away time. I had planned out a nice day full of pulling up blackberry bushes. I'm very grateful to them for helping me play hooky from yard work.

What a "ham"-ster...

Christian has a tradition of building a fort out of drift logs:

And the finished product, something to be proud of:

Nathan (Sascha's friend) and Sascha enjoy a nice meal of rock on clam dishes:

All of the sudden from out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blew in. It was nice because it was so warm outside. Every now and then the gust would be nice cool air.
Me and m' bro...

When we got there, the tide was all the way out, which was nice for the kids because the water was actually warm. I've never felt it like that before.

Poor Punkin fell and got a face full of water. He bounced back quick enough though. He LOVED the water, and sand, and rocks and snacks:
Check out the muscles on that kid! Okay, that drift log was actually very light... A fun day was had by all. We ended up spending about three hours there and I think it got into the mid-eighties. We would have stayed longer but Teesha needed to get back home to get ready for her first Freshman dance. Okay, and the tide was coming in too.

P.S. You'll notice that Sarah's not in any of the pictures. She had spent the night at her friend's house and got to go to the Armed Forces Parade with them.

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