Sascha's 9th Birthday

Sascha had his birthday party (slumber, yikes!) and Momma helped out a lot with that. She was a good sport, especially since the boys had a contest to see who could stay up the latest. There were a couple of boys who actually won.
LaRoo stopped by for a short while so Noah could give Sascha his gift. He wasn't able to stay for the party.

Sascha wanted a devil shredd cake, which is a cartoon character that he made up. So he drew the picture and I made it into a cake. His friends from school knew who devil shredd was already because he draws it a lot at school.

We had pizza and they got to play Guitar Hero and design their own guitars with markers, brads and string from cutouts that I bought from Michael's.

I think they all had a blast. I'm going to re-think the slumber party thing next time.

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