It's Hard to Say Goodbye

I am WAY behind in my blogging and have thus given up in putting things in order. Since I had to say goodbye to my Momma today that's what I'm blogging about. Any complaints? I didn't think so...

Momma's been here since June 19th. We've had a full schedule and I won't name everything we've done but I'll do my best to share some bits.

Let me first say that she has helped me out immensely with all of my household duties and then some. The kids and I put together a Father's Day breakfast in bed for Steve, and of course, Momma helped with putting some finishing touches on it:

We had a Father's Day/Goodbye Fyffe's dinner later that evening with family and friends. Click on the picture to view larger (panoramic pics rock!):

We had our last outing/picnic with the Fyffe's at Lion's Park. They moved on June 26th, back to Utah so David can go to nursing school. Hopefully they'll be back again someday. We miss them:

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  1. Hey Diana, those sunflowers come from seeds..we planted them in April and they are about 6-1/2 feet tall..and they have no blooms yet..they will be huge when they are done..we buy the giant sunflowers..did it this way last year..but they are doing better as we have had more sun...the garden is the best we have ever done..again because of all the sun we are getting...can't wait to start harvesting it...we love the garden..Mike fertilizes every weekend without that also you have a garden too? have a wonderful weekend.:)