The Doctor

It was time for a check-up for Sascha and Sarah was due for a shot. Since they both had a sleepover with friends the night before they wanted to keep the party going and invite their friends along to the doctor. AND even have them come into the room for moral support (I guess???). This is what I thought would happen: Sarah would get her shot so she and Courtney could go wait in the waiting room and then Sascha would get his exam with only Noah in the room. That's not EVEN how it went down. First, they had Sascha get into a hospital gown (everyone left while he changed). Then everyone came back into the room. Next, he got his exam in front of everyone. Of course when it was time to check down there, everyone had to face the wall. Noah kept turning around and giggling so I had him go out until that part was done. THEN Sascha had to lie down and get his blood drawn. After all that, THEN Sarah got her shot. I'm sure the anticipation was killing her since she had to wait through all of that. I should have said something, but didn't. Oh well. She had her good friend Courtney there to try and cheer her up. Afterwards, they gave everyone a Tootsie Pop and I let everyone get something from the Dollar Tree. Sarah and Sascha got two things since they were poked with needles. This will be one fun memory to reminisce about when they're older. Maybe not so fun right now...

Yes, Noah decided to hide under the chair. I guess he doesn't like the doctors office much. At least we weren't there for him.

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