Doozer of a Doozie

Today was a scorcher! Fuggedabout any of those records set back in the day. Just pick them up by their wee hineys and throw them in the trash. Make sure you close the lid too. That's right. Today was the hottest day ever!!! We broke all records! Read the thermometer for yourself. I took this pick on my back deck even before peak hours.
We stayed cool by hanging out at the mall. I think everyone else was at the beaches and lakes because the mall was bare! That was fine by me. As long as it had A/C, and it did. Oh yeah!!! Don't forget that humidity makes it feel even hotter. I believe it was around 50%. So yes, keeping dry was not optional.

2 Responses
  1. Emilee Says:

    Holy cow that's crazy! You'd think you were in southern Utah, minus the humidity. Your right it's worse with humidity, yuck! Hope it cools down soon.

  2. Fireball Says:

    We hit the mall that day too! Too bad we missed each other.