Spoiled with a Capital "S"

For my birthday, Duncan and Kaitlyn were the hosts: They reserved a boat from Northwest Boat Rentals in Poulsbo, for the ten of us. They even dressed up like unto the eighties! Now what type of hosts would do that? Only mine. We even had a cap'n Stubbing (The Love Boat) thanks to Brian. And the rest of us did our best to dress accordingly. I was told I didn't have to dress up if I didn't want to. You'll see why below. Everything was amazing and I couldn't have played it off any better. The day was beautiful and sunny. Duncan made up an amazing poster for me and had it tied to the boat. Kaitlyn made up some fabulous little gift bags for everyone filled with goodies from the eighties. FYI: I'm from the seventies, but we all know that the eighties rocked and ruled! Plus, I don't remember the seventies that much. Anyway, we each brought our own lunches to eat on the boat and the hosts supplied the AMAZING cake! Our guests were: David and Geeta, Errol and LaRee, Monica and Brian, Steve and I (of course) and our hosts, Duncan and Kaitlyn. We wished my sis and her hubby could have made it but they had kid stuff going on and she had just gotten back from a two week Hawaiian cruise. LUCKY! And they live up in Canada.

This was the view from up above. You can see Geeta and barely LaRee:

Duncan was there to greet us in his sweet eighties garb recently purchased by Kaitlyn just for this event (minus the pants and shoes). He actually LOVED it and is going to wear it often.

The tide was very low. The ramp was almost vertical. I felt sorry for those who wore heels:

And here at the end up the ramp awaiting my arrival was the sweet eighties chick with a mall rat wig in her hand, for me!

This is what I saw when I got into the boat. Amazing decorations:

And here I am wearing the mall rat wig along with a "birthday princess" head band:

Our good friends (adopted family), LaRee and Errol:

Me bro Deeb and his wife Geet:

Good friends Brian and Monica:

Errol was feeling a little left out so I let him borrow my stud rug:

And Duncan too:

And Brian:

Me and m'hubby:

My AMAZING cake!!!!

I ate my eye:

Cute stuff! Thanks Monica!

You guys really outdid yourselves! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I guess it's because you love me 8-)

And here are some sweet shoes that were in our presence (sp?):

Sorry Kaitlyn, I couldn't resist:

Thank you everyone who came! You all made it my best birthday ever!
To see some better pics that Kaitlyn took (even the one of the seal who was only about six feet away from our boat and was circling us), head on over to Duncan and Kaitlyn's blog. Click here.
5 Responses
  1. mkfordham Says:

    Looks like an amazing party! Happy B-day, Diana!! You're ageless!

  2. That picture at the end is horrible!!!!! It should be burned!!!! I'm glad you had a happy birthday though. :)

  3. SO FUN! Happy Birthday! You look great!

  4. Ostler Says:

    Looks like the funnest birthday ever! Geeeeeze!

  5. Wow, your friends really love you. What a great birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to you!