In 'N Out

For those of you familiar with In 'N Out burger, you might be able to relate to the obsession that some people have with it. Speaking of.... here's one of those people now: Yes, he's eating an In 'N Out double double (as they call it), and you may be wondering how he's eating it in the comfort of his own dining room, here in the lovely state of Washington? Well, Steve's nephew (okay, mine too) recently moved to Vegas and before hopping on the plane to come visit us, he grabbed some burgs. On the left is Steve's brother visiting from Hawaii, and on the right, his nephew visiting from Vegas:Don't mind that they were about six hours old by the time Steve got his hooks into two of them. Like I said, SOME people are obsessed:
You may end up looking like this if you mess with Steve's In 'N Out:Photobucket
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  1. Emilee Says:

    I'm so glad he was able to get some In-n-out burgers finally. I remember him talking about them last year...hehehe

    We are going to St. George in about 2 weeks and we will definately be visiting the good ol' In-n-out burger.