Sarah turns 11

Sarah basically arranged her whole party. She wanted to have a "fashion" theme where you dress up as a certain genre (punk, prep, goth, etc...). Later on they held a contest to see which were their favorites. Before I could get my camera out to take pictures, they were already done and had changed into their regular clothes. Man!! I was really looking forward to it too. There were some pretty sweet lookin' styles. They even had makeup on (and lots of it). They had fun with that and then Sarah opened gifts, we sang happy birthday, had cake and ice cream, and then they settled down (most of them at least) to watch Twilight. Even Sascha! I was surprised by the fact that he wanted to stay up and sleep out in the living room with everyone. Way to go Bud! In the morning though I noticed he had given up and ended up in his own bed.
Sometime around 3am Sarah came into my room and was crying with a bad stomach ache. So she slept in our room the rest of the night. In the morning she felt much better and was able to hang with her friends again (see the last picture). This years party was more tame than last years as far as rowdiness goes. Does it get better now the older they get? I doubt it!

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  1. Emilee Says:

    wow sounds like the party was a hit! Looks like she's having fun too. I can't believe she's 11 already, but I guess that's how it goes, time flies.