Seattle with Momma

On July 23rd my Momma, Sarah, Apollo and I took a ferry over to Seattle with our first stop being Harborview Trauma Center to visit my good neighbor and friend, Craig Brown who was injured from an accident falling off of his 2nd story deck around the first part of July. It was good to see him even though it was hard to see him in the condition he was in with tubes hooked up everywhere and he being so immobile and having a hard time communicating. He did smile a lot and sqeezed my hand. He would lift his eyebrows up for "yes" and barely shake his head side to side for "no." I read him several cards that I brought from his house that people had sent in the mail. I also read some e mails people had sent to the hospital. It was so good to be with him again. When I left he waved goodbye and smiled. As of today he's been moved over to Northwoods in Silverdale for some therapy probably for about a month and then he'll be back over to Seattle again for more treatment.
Momma was able to be with Sarah and Apollo while I visited longer with Craig. Harborview is shown in the background.

After Apollo got out of his stroller we noticed he'd been hiding something:

Oh no! Run away!!!!
Our next stop was Kerry Park which is right on Queen Anne Hill. The homes up there are beautiful mansions. Apollo loved the playground:
After that I showed Momma "Troll Under the Bridge." which is under the Aurora bridge in Freemont.

Afterwards we went to SuperMall in Auburn and then drove back home. It was a very full day. I loved every minute of it!
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