Cub Scout Day Camp

Sascha got to attend his very first Cub Scout Camp which took place at the Fairgrounds. It was from a July 22nd-25th. I volunteered to help out on Friday. Christian, my nephew, wanted to come and help out too. Here he is all geared up at the shooting range: Sascha ready to go with the BB-gun...

Jayce (my friend's son) getting ready for the obstacle course:
It's Sascha's turn and his favorite event of the week:

Christian was kind enough to draw a target for Jayce's BB-gun shooting:

We had to teach the boys a song which would be sung later that evening during the closing ceremonies. Later we were told we were teaching them the wrong song. Sheesh!
And here's the flag folding station:
Christian was sportin' some sweet silver:
Tool shop:
Just being boys:

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