Roof Repair... Yay!!!

July 31st.

So, I was very lucky to have been in the right place, whining about the right thing at the right time. In so doing, my brother, Dallin, who was visiting with his wife Emilee and daughter McKenna was willing to sacrifice one of his fun vacation days to SOS, or rather, SOR (Save Our Roof). The roof shown is that of our gazebo which houses our hot tub. The various wind storms over the past year has taken a toll on the roof. Thus, the picture:

We were also able to wrangle in Duncan until he had to be to work around 3:30, and also Christian who stayed to help through thick and thin. Don't be fooled by Steve being in the picture. He was only there for moral support. He had to take off and go to work.

Me bro' was ready for the challenge sportin' that good ol' concave bed head. Might I add that in preparation, he even went to Value Village and picked up some sweet duds, including shoes all for $7!!!

Of course it had to rain just as they were getting near the end. I had checked the weather report seeing that there would be no rain on that particular day. You can never trust the weather reports. Hey, if you don't like the weather here, just wait a minute it'll change. That's a famous saying here up in the Northwest.

They were good sports. Dallin was supposed to hang out with Emilee and Kaitlyn and the roof project ended up taking a lot longer than supposed. It always does, doesn't it?

Yay! And laying the final piece! Thanks for all your hard work boys!!! Dallin should come visit more often. he he he.
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  1. Steve Says:

    Hey now wait. I did help some. I carried a few things down, lifted a few things up and did a couple of things to get in the way. I did not, however, get on the roof this time. I did enough to get in workout and then I went away. Nice work, guys, and thanks a million! No way I could have fixed it this well.