Meeting Apolo Anton Ohno

I'm not kidding! There was a meeting up with the famous Olympic Gold Medalist in Speedskaing, Apolo Anton Ohno! Too bad it wasn't I who got to meet him. It was my sis, Dolly. Lucky!!! Apolo is also famous for winning the last season (I think it was the 4th) of Dancing with the Stars! He was incredible to watch. Purely a natural. Might I add that about a month before he won the contest, I gave birth to my son, Apollo. It was perfect how that all happened. Anyway, they were doing a training session/barbecue meet and greet in Surrey, BC, where my sister lives. That's where they got to meet him.

So my sister was able to tell Apolo that her sister (me) named her son after him. He said, "No Way! That is soooo cool!" Oh I wish I could have been there. Oh well. She did get his signed autograph for my son Apollo. Here's some great pics of my sis and her kids with Apolo.
I'm soooo jealous!!!
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