It's Been a Long Time!

Boy howdy! There's been a dry spell in bloggerville for Diana, but not at the Gardner residence. Lots of guests, activities and responsibilities going on for the month of July/August. I'll briefly mention a few:

  • Grandma Sandra (my momma) came to stay with us from July 15-Aug 05.

  • Uncle Jim (Steve's brother) came to visit from July 17-23.

  • My Momma, Geeta, Teesha, Sarah and I made a quick day trip to Portland on July 19th for Kaitlyn's (soon to be sis-in-law) wedding shower.

  • We celebrated my brother Deeb's 40th bday on a boat in Poulsbo with dinner and made him wear a ginormous pink bunny suit.

  • Sascha attended his very first Cub Scout day camp from July 22-25. I got to volunteer on Friday.

  • We adopted two new cats from the humane society on July 24 (Pioneer Day). The Russian Blue named Duffy and the white with orange kitty named Muffin (was Muffy but got too confusing).

  • Dallin (my brother), Emilee and McKenna came to visit from July 26-August 5.

  • Dolly (my sister) and five of her six kids came to visit from August 2-5.
At one point we had 17 people total in the house at once! It was all good. In the midst of all the activities going on I've been taking care of my neighbor Joanie's dog, Coconut, off and on while she has been staying over in Seattle to be with her husband, Craig (my neighbor who got injured from falling off of his deck. He's still over at Harborview.). And also I've been getting to syringe feed Muffin since she hasn't been eating ever since I got her. When we picked her up after her surgery they said she had a cold. They sent us home with antibiotics but she was still sick when she finished them. I took her into the vet and had her tested for FIP, which luckily she tested negative for. She did have to have fluids intravaneously since she was very dehydrated. Today was the first day I noticed she ate on her own. Yay!!! Finally!!! She's on her second round of antibiotics now. These ones seem to be working.

So my life has been crazy busy and full of family, fun and excitement. I miss having my family around, but it's good to get the kids back into their regular routines. I'll be posting several more pics soon. For now, here's a few to feast upon...

My Momma and Me (along with Sarah and Apollo) on the ferry heading to Seattle to visit my neighbor Craig at Harborview...Uncle Jim taking his turn driving the boat for Deeb's bday cruise...clockwise: Teesha, Me, Momma, Kaitlyn, Geeta and Sarah in Portland at the '50's themed wedding shower...Deeb in the crazy bunny suit while on the boat...Sascha on the obstacle course at cub scout camp...Emilee, Dallin and McKenna at Port Townsend...Dolly on the Edmonds/Kingston ferry heading over to our house...clockwise: Malachi, Hayden, Montana, Takoda and Talon...

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