My Guests

Just had to show some more fun pics of my recent guests:

This is myself with my younger bro' Dallin and his wife Emilee. Out of ten kids, I'm number seven and Dallin's number eight.

Ungle Deeb and McKenna

Aunt Em holding Apollo and McKenna

Aunt Geet and Aunt Em

What a great family pic on our front deck:

The famous Pal Dal concave bed head:

You gotta love it!

One of my favorite pics of McKenna:

Grandma Sandra put in some quality time with Apollo:

Ungle Deeb is always a hit with the littlen's:

Grandma was the built in maid the whole three weeks she was here. She treated me like a queen! Thank you Momma!!!
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  1. Steve Says:

    You're ranked number seven? I would have ranked you at least number two.