Oh No! Another Teenager!

We were invited over to the Anderson's pad to help Chase celebrate his rite of passage, turning 13. As with most birthdays lately, I've been known to throw together a bit of this 'n that and whip up a fun t-shirt for that "suspecting" person. I did not disappoint. Chase was anticipating one and he got one.

But first, here's a peek at the card I made, all the while snickering.
 This pic was taken at Halloween time when the Anderson's tradition is to smash their faces right into the pumpkin guts. Quoted straight from their blog, "Chase had stipulations this year... My shower cap!! He would only participate in our silly Halloween tradition if his beautiful hair (his words)would not suffer from the pumpkin juices. Almost a teenager, can't you tell?"

I'm glad he wasn't offended by the Little Miss Muffet card and instead LOVED it!

Here's the t-shirt design:

And here's the lovely group of friends and family that helped Chase celebrate. Monica took this shot:

And I took this one. Notice how tired of smiling Chase is. Not the case for Bri-Fri(directly under the "A" on the wall) and Dawson (the dog):

Happy 13th Birthday Chase!!!
Thanks for inviting us to your party.
We love you!
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