Couples Temple Trip & Shama's Open House

Playing "catch-up" again. Nothing fancy here, just the facts. So back in November, the amazing Kaitlyn threw together a couples temple trip. She and my younger bro, the Anderson's and us. It's great because she's always prepared with new names for us to do the work for. So while we were there we bumped into several people that we knew. Some from our old Poulsbo ward and some from our present Brownsville ward. One of the couples in our ward was to be sealed later that day. It was great seeing and congratulating them.

Afterwards our tummies were growling so we headed on over to the Claim Jumper in Tukwila:

If you haven't been there yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! I've been there twice now and have yet to be unamazed (if that's even a word). The prices are decent and the food portions are x's 10. Okay, exaggeration, but you get the idea. In fact, the Anderson's bought a slice of the "Chocolate Motherlode Cake." A twenty-two year tradition. Six decadent layers of chocolate fudge cake topped with walnuts. Featured on the Food Network as one of America's "Top 5 Most Decadent Desserts" 9.95. There were six of us and it was more than enough for everyone to have a piece of their own. See for yourself:

We were bummed that the Holcombs couldn't be with us. Their son had a championship football game in Port Angeles that very day. We even planned the temple trip in advance for that day at the request of the Holcombs. Obviously they didn't know football would get in the way. We'll catch you guys next time!

Later on that evening I attended my friend Shama's Grand Opening (click here to view her amazing website):

 Her studio is beautiful! And the food was amazing! Yes, stuffed my face again. It was okay though because I still lost weight that week. To view more about the evening go to Monica's blog HERE.
I LOVE Shama's office. Her hubby John is trying it out for her:

And Brian A. was the bearer of good news every 1/2 hour with door prizes to give away (gift cards). He could have pulled a string or two and made sure I was one of THOSE people. Sheesh! JK...
Love you Bri-Fri:

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