Go Gingy, Go Gingy!

This year we had a very special guest at our Christmas party...... GINGY! I asked my friend's son, Jayce to play the part and he did just that. He knew just how to pose and didn't speak a peep the whole time. Thanks Jayce!!!
I had my girlfriend LaRee be the photographer because she's got skilz and I was standing by for crowd control and props. I think the pics turned out great. You be the judge:

LaRoo and I
(probably should have grabbed a pic of Gingy without his head on):

LOVE this pic of Kaitlyn and Duncan nibblin' on Gingy:

Cute Apollo smiling with ease after I told him who Gingy really was. Beforehand, he was very resistant (we ate before the photo shoot as you can see below):

Sascha not wanting to act too excited (that would be "uncool."):

Sarah acting a little embarrassed:

Nathan's not afraid to pose:

Glad we could pull a smile out of Tracy:

Baylee always full of smiles:

Same with Ashlyn:

Had a little bit of trouble getting Courtney to pose with Gingy. She didn't want to get too close:

Chase knew where it's at:

Gingy was even good enough to pick up some of his fans:

David knew just what to do:

Sam lookin' super sharp:

Jacob was super excited:

Emilee knew she could turn her back on Gingy:

The cute Morgensen family:

Noah's doing the hizzle to the fizzle:

The Holcomb kids weren't afraid of "their own."

Chloe, Courtney and Sarah wanted a group shot:

Chloe feeling very funny:

Emilee, Sydney and Chase also wanted a group shot:

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