And the Answer Is...

In regards to the picture trivia from my previous post, HERE ARE THE ANSWERS! I know you couldn't wait to hear who everyone was.

1. LaRoo (LaRee) H.
***Little story here... we were shopping the after-Halloween bargains and found the cutest little gnome costume for Apollo. We opened it up (there was a snap to close it back up) to see how big it looked since it was a 2T and had to try on the fun little hat and beard. It was hilarious that it actually fit our heads! Couldn't you picture Apollo wearing this? So cute!!! I didn't end up getting it though because there were some markings on the shirt and they wouldn't discount it further. Dang. I have to admit that it was quite hilarious when an older employee walked past us with a look of disgust on her face as we were putting the costume nicely back into the package. No harm done.

2. Chrixtian F.
***My nephew is now 16, but way back when he was in kindergarten this is exactly what he looked like. I couldn't believe my eyes! They stole his picture and didn't give him any royalties! I'm going to have to report this to the authorities. This was also while we were doing the after-Halloween shopping.

3.Brian A.
***He texted this pic to everyone claiming he was picking up some meds for someone and was afraid of getting the swine flu. Silly Bri-Fri...

4.Kaleb C.
***We were attending a football game and Apollo (in the background) insisted upon NOT wearing his hat and mittens even though it felt like it was in the twenties. I actually put them on him three different times. Kaleb tried showing him how fun it was to wear them but it was a no-go. Thanks for trying Kaleb!

5. Monica A. (this one was a toughie)
***Trying on masks at the SuperMall after a girls only temple trip. She was tempted but didn't end up buying...

6. Yeah, yeah... easy target. It's me. Had to give you at least one freebie...

7. Sascha
***Chrixtian actually texted this to me a couple of months ago. It was taken over a year ago at Duncan and Kaitlyn's wedding in SLC. Sascha had been watching too many Thumb movies and started to morph into one.

8. LaRoo (again)
***I told her she better cut down on the makeup a little because she might be mistaken for one of those street walkers...

9. Bri-Fri (again)
***Luke, I am your father!

Did anybody get them all right? Probably only one person, and that's ME!

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