Merry Thempsgiving!

Okay, I couldn't help it with the title post. Since my brother and his family moved away last June I had to somehow include them in our festivities. Thus, the title.
This year our Thanksgiving crowd was a bit smaller compared to years past. It was simply us and Duncan and Kaitlyn. And Pops, of course, who we love and adore and hope that one of these days he'll be able to make it up the stairs again. We divided up the menu between our families and had quite a feast! We decided to do less-traditional as far as making a whole turkey and try out a turkey breast roast, which was still quite delish. The Gardner boys requested ham and the rest was our usual: stuffing (my dad's famous recipe), mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes (which I used to never eat but since Kaitlyn has made them, they're amazing!), rolls, cream cheese stuffed celery, cranberry sauce, veggies tray and deviled eggs. And for the drink, sparkling white grape juice.
Here's some of our little helpers getting the stuffing ready:

and setting the table:

 and the yummies:

Dig in! (Steve really was a happy camper. This was actually a two-part photo so he got cropped right down the middle. Notice the floating bowl of rolls below Duncan.)

Oh yes, and can't forget dessert. We had pumpkin and apple pie ala mode:

Now for some before/after shots. You won't believe your eyes!
Apollo before:

and after (okay, I may have tickled him a little make him push out his tummy):

Sascha before:

and after:

Sarah would NOT take part in this, so here's me before (I know I'm crazy to be showing my belly:

and after:

Kaitlyn before (tiny little thing 8-))

and after:

Duncan before:

and after:

Afterwards we had a contest to see who could make the craziest faces. You decide:

I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends with whom I can act like a fool around and they still love me. I'm so blessed to know that through and through they will always be there for me.
You know who you are!!! I Love You!!!
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