We Will Miss You Grandmaugh Reta and Aunt Marian!

When it rains it pours!
The weekend before last, Steve's Aunt Marian was hospitalized and diagnosed with colon cancer. The following Wednesday (almost a week ago) she passed away from a massive heart attack.
Just this last Saturday my Grandma was hospitalized from suffering from a massive stroke. She passed away the following day.
My heart has been heavy from the double whammy, yet I know that some day we will meet again. The last time I visited with Grandma was back in June 2009 when I was visiting in Utah for my niece's wedding. Never did the thought cross my mind that it would be my last person to person visit with her. Sure, she had her days of feeling tired and not feeling up to par, but that's what happens as you get older. This was such a sudden thing, as was Aunt Marian's. With Aunt Marian, Pops had just spoken to her on the phone the day before she died and was saying how chipper she sounded. He never would have thought she'd be gone so soon. We were expecting a long, drawn-out process of cancer treatments. I suppose it was a blessing that she left so soon after her diagnosis so she wouldn't have to suffer.
I'm truly grateful for all the fun memories I've had with my Grandma. She was always loving toward me and I admired her devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. She always had herbal remedy tips in those times of need. She took very good care of herself in that way. I think she also struggled a lot emotionally. She lost two of her sons and my grandpa died just two years ago. I'm sure she's having an amazing reunion right now.
I will miss her. Love you Grandma Reta!!!
(Grandma and Duncan)

(Grandma and Kaitlyn)

(love this pic of Grandma Reta and Grandpa Fyffe taken at a 24th of July celebration July 2005)

This pic was taken a couple of years later in April 2007, shown with Teesha and Christian.

I will miss Aunt Marian as well. She was always so kind and caring. I didn't know her very well, but from what I knew, she was an amazing lady. She was never married, but had a faithful companion, Simba the cat. Three years ago, she and Uncle George flew up and spent a week with us. We had a blast! I got to be their tour guide and enjoyed every minute of it. Then a year and half later, we were able to go visit them in California, where they live.
Here's a few fun memories:

(Uncle George and Aunt Marian at Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport WA)
(Front street, Poulsbo WA)
(ferry ride to Seattle) (Kerry park, Seattle)
  (Pikes Place Market, Seattle)

(Knott's Berry Farm restaurant, CA)

(at Uncle George's, Aunt Marian holding Apollo)
(Aunt Marian and Pops (my father-in-law)

Love you Aunt Marian!! You will be missed!

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