Jones Soda Labels

In the past month I've worked on a couple of projects having to do with the Jones Soda Label. First, a good friend of mine wanted me to make some up for her son's wedding reception to have as a centerpiece on each table (3 per table = 45). So I opened up my trusty scrapbook program (haven't gotten comfortable enough with my Photoshop Elements to make it worth my time yet) and got to work. I used several different pictures of them, including childhood photos which I turned into black and white.
Finished product (click on any of the pictures to view full size):

I ended up adding some other elements alongside the label and had it blown up to a 1'x3' and put it in a frame as their wedding gift.

Secondly I made some up (since it was already fresh on my mind) for my friends' son's birthday. What kid wouldn't want to get some personalized labels that housed delicious soda pop inside?
On top of that I decided to make a t-shirt that resembled the label and spoke of Noah. He was excited to wear it to school the next day.
This is what I came up with:

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  1. 5 ibarras Says:

    you never cease to amaze me...coolest soda bottles ever!