Bittersweet Cushion

Back in 1997-98 when I was pregnant with Sarah, Steve's Mom was having health problems and didn't know why. She went through all sorts of tests and finally about two weeks before Sarah was born, they found out what it was.

It was devastating to find out that not only was it cancer, but stomach cancer. This particular type is difficult to cure unless it is found in an early stage (before it has begun to spread). Unfortunately, because early stomach cancer causes few symptoms, the disease is usually advanced when the diagnosis is made.

With the diagnosis, they gave Steve's Mom five years. A week later they gave her a year, and then not long after that they said it could be at any time.

She always wished for a granddaughter. Her wish was granted when Sarah was born. She then passed away exactly one month, minus one day after Sarah was born. It was a very bittersweet time for us welcoming a precious little one into our home and at the same time, having to say goodbye to Steve's Mom. Having Sarah when we did provided that extra little cushion to soften the blow of losing Steve's Mom, not that it was easy. Not in the slightest bit. We wish she hadn't left us so soon, but Heavenly Father always has his reasons.

(this was in December 1997, three months before Sarah was born. Steve, Me, Mom (Marge) and Reginald R. Rutherford)

With the recent death of Steve's aunt and my grandma, a nice cushion has been provided. My niece had her first baby today making my sister a GRANDMA! and my Momma a GREAT GRANDMA!
Congrats GRANNY GARRETT!!! aka: Debbie 8-)

Born at 9:31pm after 10 minutes of pushing....amazing!
7 lbs 6 oz
20 1/2 inches long
Such a sweet widdow baby!!! Can't wait to kiss on her!
Congratulations Brittany and Jake! Ya done good. She's beautiful!!!
This pic was texted to me. I'll post better pics once they send some along.

Also, later on when I got home and checked my e mail, my cousin spilled the beans about their new little one! Yay! Don'tcha just love babies?!
Congratulations Hunter Family!!!! She's a beauty as well 8-)
Here's the info they e mailed me:
Hello All!

Happy Day we had the baby a week early.  Below are a few before and after pics starting with Bella's 2yr Birthday Party on 7 Nov.  Marcus and I went into the hospital after the party and you can see what came next.  Jessie Naomi was born at 630 am on 8 Nov.  She weighed 8 lbs 12 oz and was 20 in long.  Everyone is doing well and more pictures will follow.  Sorry it took so long to get out the word, you would think we would have things down to a science this one being the 5th and all.  Hope you all are doing well!

Happy Turkey Day!

The Hunters...Marcus, Caren, Hannah, Kate, Carson, Bella, and Jelly (that's Carson's nickname for his new sister... or Sponge Bob, he's still undecided)

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