Untraditional Pumpkin

What do you do when you have leftover paint from painting your front door lime green? You paint your pumpkin with it. Well, sort of...

I came across this very cool idea from Parents Magazine. I loved the colors, of course, since I have a lime green front door and an orange dining room. And, well, white goes with everything.

I recruited Apollo to help with the painting. He did quite well and enjoyed every minute of it:


A bit of advice. I learned the hard way. Cut out your holes first, then paint. I had to do lots of touch ups afterwards, which would have been unnecessary had I painted last. You live and learn...

There you have it:

I bet you can guess who's this is:


Poor Sarah's. I was sweeping off the table that was full of pine needles and leaned over just enough to bump her pumpkin right off the table. Before that happened it was a fabulous Leven Thumps pumpkin. Now it looks like some sort of bit-mapped scary jack-o-lantern. Still cool....

On display out front:

Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween! I'll post more pics from the festivites later.
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