Poison Control Alert!

Never have I had to call poison control, nor have I wanted to.
Last Saturday was my first. Here's the story:
While I was minding my own business (I don't remember exactly what I was doing at the moment), I heard Sarah in the living room exclaiming to Apollo, "NO!" It didn't sound like the usual so I ran in there to find Apollo sitting on the couch, grinning from ear to ear with a small bowl full of "candy." It wasn't candy. They were vitamins. You know the kind that look like candy and taste like candy? Yep. I hurried and grabbed them away with my heart racing wondering how many he ate. I quickly poured them back into their rightful container and noticed how low the supply was compared to what I remembered it being earlier that day when I gave him a vitamin. I kept racking my brain trying to remember how full it used to be. I knew he had to have at least eaten 15-20 vitamins. I ran around quickly seeing if maybe, just maybe he had spilled a bunch of them somewhere. No luck.
The next step was to check online to see what to do. As I was reading about vitamin overdose, I kept hearing the same thing, "call poison control." So that's just what I did. I read to them the exact name of the vitamins so they knew what they were dealing with. After doing some research they let me know that since they were children's vitamins there was no risk of death by Vitamin A or Iron. Whew!!! I was worried about the Iron. They did say that some vitamins contain selenium which can cause a heat rash which can be uncomfortable, and then that another element can cause diarrhea. Other than that, he would be fine. YAY! I could deal with those things. Luckily he didn't get the heat rash, but oh boy did he get the diarrhea. Through the whole experience he was his regular happy-go-lucky self on massive amounts of vitamins = super hyper!!! I'm so relieved that he's okay. Big lesson for that day: NOTHING IS CHILD-PROOF!!! Don't believe what the bottle says. HIDE MEDICINES/VITAMINS, ETC....
Later that day this was his comment, "I don't wanna vitamin Mommy."
Usually he's jumping up and down for one.
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  1. Atie Says:

    Hi diana, need your help to fix a problem on using WOODEN FENCE template.
    (1)There are no dates showing on any my posts.

    (2) How to upload image in the top of header?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Diana Says:

    From blogger go to "settings", then go to "formatting" and from there you'll see where it says, "timestamp format." Select the one that has both the date and time together. That should solve that issue.

    As far as the header issue, are meaning that you want to personalize it with your own photos?


    I'm glad he's okay.

  4. Atie Says:

    Hi diana, thanks diana it seem my first problem solved.... Yes I would like to pesonalize header to my own photos. u have a tips on it? Plz share...thanks again.