Rain Gutter Bookshelves

I'm always finding great ideas on other blogs, but this one I HAD to snatch. It looks so organized and clean and what a great way for little ones to find books rather than sifting through the book shelf. I figure that I'll just swap out the books with new ones every week or so. It also makes cleaning up books a snap for Apollo. We'll see if he follows through. These were super easy to make and install. I ended up paying around $26 for both shelves which are 5' each. Also, before I installed these Apollo discovered how fun it was to race his cars down the gutters. I might have to go back and get another one for his cars. lol...
You'll find the rain gutter bookshelves tutorial here at Raising Olives.

This is the picture from the Raising Olives blog that inspired me:

Here's another one that inspired me that I found on Google images:
3 Responses
  1. Your rain gutter book shelves look great. That will be such a nice place for your son to snuggle up and read.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for adding more pictures. Nice to see another persons done these and they've worked. How much can they hold?

  3. Diana Says:

    Rachel~ these can hold quite a bit of books. They're nice and sturdy. The more brackets you use, the stronger. I only used two per shelf, but they hold a lot.