This picture was taken by the nurse. It's hard to tell, but Sascha was trying not to smile. He had all sorts of questions like: is it going to hurt, how will they put me to sleep, how will they know if I'm asleep or not, etc... He was very concerned. He started getting nervous and then started tearing up so the nurse thought it best to drug him up so he wouldn't remember going back to the OR.

Sorry these next pics from my phone aren't that great. This picture was after Sascha was drugged up. It was hilarious because he was "all smiles" and totally looked like he was on cloud nine and ready to go.

Both nurses had to lift him up and over into the red wagon (since he was so out of it) which had a pillow and blanket so he could have a nice cozy ride to the OR. It was really cute! I wish I had thought ahead of time and took video of it from my phone.

Here's another pic of him all ready to go. It was the cutest thing ever seeing them wheel him out and down the hall through the doors to the OR. I kick myself now not for recording it. If they hadn't drugged him, he would have been crying all the way there, I'm sure.

Sascha back at home resting on the couch. He'll be doing a lot of that along with watching movies (he's already watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and Scooby Doo 2), playing video games and reading.

Yesterday was Sascha's big debut for having his tonsils and adenoids removed. We arrived at 8am, the surgery was scheduled for 9. It went quickly after they took him back. I was hoping to finish reading the last two chapters of my "Into the Wild" book. I get distracted easily when people are talking and there were lots of people in the waiting room. So I didn't get to finish it.
They called me back to the recovery room and right as I got there they were wheeling Sascha in. He was still quite dopey. The nurse said with the drugs he had beforehand, it would take about 15-30 minutes longer for him to come out of it, so we waited, and waited, and waited. At one point we sat him up and he immediately fell forward so we knew he wasn't ready to go. The anesthesiologist said for us to make sure he could sit forward on his own before we left. So...we gave him some oxygen to help get it out of his system quicker, which helped and after about 2 hours he was good to go. She said if we ever need to sedate him again like that, to let the nurses know he's very sensitive to it. Across the hall from us there was a girl (probably 10 yrs old) who had the same surgery. I noticed she had no parents waiting for her when they brought her into recovery. She was having a really hard time too and it wasn't until probably 20 minutes later that her Dad finally showed up. From what I overheard it sounded like he was pretty clueless. I felt so bad for the girl. Anyway, while I went to pull the van around, Sascha had an expel (vomiting) episode, which the nurse said is common while in recovery and better that he did it there than in the car or at home. On our way home, right as I turned into our general area he started throwing up again. Poor guy. So I pulled over and helped him.
So... Sascha's been doing well. He was a little pale the first day. He was eating (which was awesome) jello, ramen, pudding, milk shakes, applesauce and drinking lots of ice water to keep the swelling down. He slept in my bed with me so I could monitor him and give him his medicine when I was supposed to. I waited too long to give him his medicine during the day yesterday because he said he was fine, and then later fell to sleep, so when he woke up it had been probably eight hours since his last dose of meds and he was really hurting. I decided not to let that happen again.
I'm so glad he had the surgery because now he'll be healthier, miss less school and sound better while he speaks. Way to go Sascha!!!
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