A Love Like No Other

My sister made me do it. Post this, that is. I was hesitant, but she said I had to. She is my older sister and I have to do what she says. You know how it goes. After all it is my blog and it's all about what goes on in my life so I suppose there's nothing wrong with it. Let this be a warning though... do not look further if you have a weak stomach. Sascha actually gagged when he saw the pic. There's your WARNING!

As a courtesy to those of weak stomach, I'm allowing a buffer here.

If you're still interested, keep scrolling down....

Here it goes:

Apollo is amazing! He made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for showing his love for me in the MOST UNIQUE AND TALENTED WAY. Only Mom's would understand how sweet something like this could be. Therefore I had to grab the camera...

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  1. well Diana you did warn us and it is truly disgusting, but what only a mother could love or hate...now i have seen it all...I won't say thanks for sharing, just thanks for the warning....:)or :(O