Sarah's 10th Birthday

Sarah---aka Luna Lovegood
What a swell present cake!

Cute widdow Punkin' with milk freckles... Chellie---aka Hermione...
Amanda---aka Ginny

Anni---aka Tonks...
Sidney---aka Ginny...
Emily---aka Ginny...
Kendall---aka Luna Lovegood
Tori---aka crazed Harry Potter fan...
Sarah celebrated her 10th birthday with a Harry Potter dress-up slumber party. There were eight girls total. Guests started arriving around 5pm. They enjoyed playing out in the woods and psyching each other out.

The plan was to let the girls make their own pizzas. As I was heating up the oven I heard some sparking and saw some bright flashes inside the oven. I quickly turned it off and looked inside. A piece of the heating element melted and now has a small hole in it. It is an original appliance (house built in '79) so I'm sure it's had it's time. Good thing for my trusty toaster oven. It has two racks so we were able to cook two pizzas at a time.
Next, we had a little costume show and had the girls guess who was who. Then we had a questionairre on how well they knew Sarah. Then we had the girls do skits in a bag. Basically they were divided into groups and given a bag full of random items to use in their skits. Steve video taped them. Then Sarah opened presents and we did the cake thing (I let Sarah choose the cake and I made it). Afterwards we all played Apples to Apples. Then the girls got their beds set up and watched Lemony Snicket. I told them to go to sleep after it was over. I'm not sure how well they liked that because when I woke up in the night both at 2am and then at 4, they were still up gabbing away. Girls will be girls. They even rose at 7:30 the next morning! Yikes!!!
We had bacon (which disappeared quicker than I could make it), sausage, bagels, orange slices and cereal straws.
The girls continued playing out in the woods and on the swing until the parents came around 10am. I would say it was a great success. Happy 10th Sarah!!!
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