Jaunt to Oregon...

I was able to accompany my friend LaRee down to Albany, Oregon to drop her girls off for Spring Break. It was a nice little break indeed. David was able to come be with the kids for a couple of hours until Steve got home from work. We left Monday around 3pm and met up with LaRee's dad, Burl for dinner at a sushi joint around 8pm. I later met Burl's wife, Kris back at the house and also LaRee's sister Liz. We visited for quite a while, touring the house and looking through books in Burl's office. We were offered some ginger candy which had a very strange and unique flavor. He also offered us all sorts of other candy (I think he was trying to get rid of it maybe because of the expiration date???). I really enjoyed visiting with her Pop.

The next morning I got a tour of LaRee's old stompin' grounds (old house, schools, parks, etc...) and also a tour of Burl's job site. He has duel ownership in a very successful manufacturing business. It was amazing seeing all the products they make and how it's actually made. Then it was off to another sushi joint for lunch with her Dad and sister. Afterwards we said our goodbyes and headed up north to seek our fortune.

First, was a jaunt to the Washington Square Mall for LaRee's BIG purchase, a new iMac. The salesperson let us know how amused and delighted he was with the way we dealt with eachother and him. I think we taught him a few things.

Next, we stopped by the distribution center to pick up some G's. The Portland temple was gorgeous of course.

Then we ran over to Ikea. No big purchases, but it was fun.

We ended by eating dinner at Burgerville in La Center. The fries tasted like chemicals but the strawberry shake made up for it. We got home about 10:30-ish. It was a great trip and we had a lot of good laughs.
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