The Joy of Raising Boys

Last night I asked Sascha to take a shower and MAKE SURE to wash his hair! So later on when he got out I had to do the smell test. What I smelled wasn't shampoo smell but an air freshener smell. Apple cinnamon to be exact. The same kind of air freshener that's in the kids bathroom. I was trying to find a hint of shampoo smell but couldn't. He said he washed his hair, but I knew what he'd done. He confessed.
Later on right before he hopped into bed I again asked him why he would do a thing like that (spray air freshener on his head). He, in a serious tone, replied, "it lasts for an hour." I could hear Steve in our bedroom cracking up.
One more snippet---
Earlier in the evening after Sascha came out of the bathroom Steve asked him if he'd flushed the toilet. He said yes. I told him that when the toilet doesn't get flushed after someone uses it, it gets dirty. Less than 10 seconds later he walks away and we hear the toilet flush.
Again.... Steve and I both can't help but crack up. It's a coping mechanism. Gotta love 'em.
Oh the joy of raising boys!
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  1. Emilee Says:

    HaHaHaHa wow that was great! Oh I can't wait to raise a boy. Air freshener, good one.