What A Good Boy Am I

Apollo and I had been out and about shopping all morning which usually doesn't happen at that time of day because I like him to take his morning nap, and then later, his afternoon nap. But since I needed to pick up grandpas medication I decided to get some shopping done while I was out. Apollo was very well behaved the whole time. Part of the reason could have been the smarties I let him snack on toward the end of the shopping trip.

We hadn't had lunch so I stopped at J in the B for a chicken sandwich. He was starting to nod off as we were in the drive-thru and then perked up to eat. I wanted to stop by my friend Cami's house on our way home to say thanks for keeping an eye on our cat while we were gone. We ended up chatting for quite a while at her front door. I was sure Apollo was asleep in the car by now. When I got back into the car I turned around and there he sat , wide awake with a huge giggly smirk on his face which was all covered in plum, and he was holding a half-eaten plum in his hands. I couldn't help but laugh. While I was chatting with Cami he had somehow reached down into one of the grocery sacks to snag the bag of plums. Silly Pun'kin!
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