Craig Keeps Making Progress, Yay!

Here's the latest update about Craig Brown, my amazing neighbor. It was sent in an e mail to me from a good friend of Craig's. I do miss seeing Craig since he's moved back over to Seattle again. It's more of a challenge to visit. It might not be too much longer until he gets to come back over here again. Yay!!!
Read below:

Hi Everyone

Its been a while since I have sent out an up-date on Craig's progress and its always nice to send out good words and information on his condition.

We have some really super improvement news on our good friend Craig. It was reported today that he walked 190 feet on his own with only a safety belt and two attendants, this is great news since Craig has only been in the intensive therapy program for two weeks and has Approx. a little more then two weeks to go in the program. He has learned to set up by himself and get in and out of bed with little or no assistance.

We have learned that most of Craig's lack of functions is caused from, Brain Damage, Spinal Cord Injury and Brachial Plexus, to learn more about (Brachial Plexus) click on the site shown below:

Craig is making superior progress in re-learning common skills again and we all support his tiring efforts, as his therapy sessions are very long and difficult every day, except Sunday's when he can rest and relax only to start another week of intensive workouts.

Craig's spirits are high and has a good sense of humor in spite of his injuries. Last week several of his friends got together and we called him and everyone had a chance to talk to him and wish him well and encouraged him to continue his fight to improve. Just incredible the how far he has come form that awful day in July when I saw him after the fall in the Intensive Care Unit at Harborview.

I went to visit Craig on Friday on my way back form Yakima, he was resting peacefully after a hard day of therapy. He woke up as I approached his bed, he was in good spirits and rather talkative so I lend an ear.
It is better to listen then talk in many cases, this way you get a better understanding on his progress. I could not stay very long as I had already been up for some 14 hours and was as tired as Craig after his hard day. Its always a joy to be able to visit with him and see how well he's coming along. I gave him many words of encouragement from all his friends and said I would call him on Sunday when the gang got together for breakfast.

You can send messages of encouragement to Craig at: or

Craig is in room 453. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. glad to hear that he is doing so well! what a great group of friends you are..this is helping him in more ways then one...Thanks for keeping us posted..