My Sweet Pea

Babies are especially sweet while they're sleeping. It makes you just want to eat them up! Sascha insisted on taking this picture of Apollo. I'm glad I let him. He is usually in his crib while he's sleeping but on this particular occasion he fell to sleep in the car. It wasn't quite time for him to go to bed for the night so we let him rest a little on the couch and then woke him up.

Lately Apollo has been showing signs of separation anxiety. If he hears me say that I need to go to the bathroom, he immediately runs after me and makes sure he gets to come in too. Also, if he ever sees me head for the door to go downstairs he does the same. He doesn't always get his way though.
Here's some books that Apollo LOVES. Whenever he takes site of one of these books he squeals and yells, "yeah!" The author is David A. Carter. I would eventually love to get the whole collection. They're fun pop-up books. These three are the ones that I have:
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