Wedding Bells

My younger brother, Duncan finally did it! Not only is he the youngest in our family, but he's the last of the 10 of us kids to get married. And, might I add, we're all still married! That's quite an accomplishment!
We got to spend a week in Alpine at my Mom's house enjoying the old stompin' grounds and being amazed at how much everything has changed. I did miss seeing my cat, Fluffy. He died within the last few months. He was such a good kitty and LOVED to give head butts. The kids LOVED playing at Grandmas house. It's huge (it had to be to house ten kids) and has a fun loft to hide out and play in, and she has a great big yard to run around in. My younger brother Dallin and his family live in the basement apartment at my Mommas, where we once lived. Their place was a hit too, since they have a big LCD TV and a Wii. I did have a couple of Dr. Mario tournaments with my sis, Deb. We used to play a lot when I lived with her for a summer while working at Bullocks in Northridge, CA.
It was fun to see everyone's families and catch up, although with so many, it can be a challenge too. I wish we had spent one more week there. There wasn't enough time! All the cousins loved spending time with each other and we loved watching them. What a great group of kids!
Duncan and Kaitlyn got married on Thursday, Sept. 18th in the SLC Temple. They are so perfect together and I'm so blessed that I get to enjoy them living up here in Bremerton, not too far away.
Salt Lake City Temple:

Yay! We did it!!!

One of Duncan's goof-ball friends:

There was some competing going on for Apollo's attention.
So many ladies, so little time...

Some of the older nieces and nephews:

After the wedding pics were taken, there was a luncheon across from the Governer's Mansion in Salt Lake, catered by my Mom's friend, Connie Zarbock. They did a wondeful job.

Later on, the wedding reception was held in Lindon at a place called My Noahs. It was amazingly beautiful! Parts of the ceiling opened up into the sky. They had a string quartet playing and more amazing food. Kaitlyn's Momma was so sweet and welcoming (I know where Kaitlyn gets it from). Also, on the bottom floor there was a big room that had a raquetball court in it and a computer with internet and a fridge full of drinks and pizza that was delivered. We didn't see much of the nieces and nephews that evening.

My Noahs:
Duncan wanted to honor our Dad by setting up this special tribute table. It was placed close to the entrance as people would walk in. He passed away at the young age of 54 after suffering from a stroke. Duncan was only 8 years old. They were spittin' images of each other. If you're wondering why there's a stack of graham crackers, it's because that was one of my Dad's favorite things to eat. My siblings have been known to put graham crackers and milk at my Dad's grave site.

Greeting guests:

Beautiful Wedding cake:
There are better pics on Steve's laptop so when I get the time, I'll post more.
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