The Wind Doth Blow!

Monday brought oodles of snow.
The kids were in heaven!
A little before 6pm the power went out.
We bundled up and lit some candles.
Bedtime came earlier than normal that evening.
It was an obvious way to stay warmer.
Hubby got home at 11pm.
Daylight came and we made the choice to escape.
By then the house was a frigid 41 degrees.
Our good friends, the Anderson's, took us in.
They provided us shelter.
They fed us.
They gave us a warm bed to sleep in.
They gave us a warm shower.
They gave us great company to forget our worries.
And even a little morning entertainment (you know who you are).
Some of the most selfless people that I know.
School was cancelled for the rest of the week.
Power outage and icy roads were the cause.
The kids didn't mind.
We returned home Wednesday afternoon.
We found a good buddy had died.
Sarah's African dwarf frog of 4.5 years.
Froze to death.
So sad.
Completely my fault.
I should have brought him along.
We also ended up having to throw out food.
$50 worth, including a big Thanksgiving ham.
Next time I'll be smarter and figure something out.
Hopefully there won't be a next time.
It's just part of living amongst the trees that lean on power lines while the wind doth blow.
Trees that topple over and block roads.
Trees that cause transformers to explode.
We are so grateful for a warm house again.
So grateful for good health.
So grateful for our safety.
So grateful for good friends and family who care for us.
So grateful for my Savior who gives me strength in times of need.

All these pictures were taken with my cell phone. 
Somebody took the batteries out of my camera when I needed them. Stinkers!

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