No Bribing Necessary

We are so proud of Sascha who needed no poking or prodding in joining his school orchestra (I had to bribe him to play a piano piece in sacrament meeting while the Primary kids sang, which he did amazing with.). I haven't had to bug him once to practice his viola. I actually think he does most of it at school. It's pretty easy for him. I'm sure next year will be more challenging. Or not.
 On our way out the door Apollo grabbed his camping chair stating that he needed to bring it. Yes, he's still wearing flip flops even though it's in the forties.

This was the back half of the gym. The front half is where all the chairs for the audience were set up.

 Sarah grumbled when I told her she was coming (what is it with kids these days?) So she grabbed her book and this is what she did the whole time.

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