How Could You!

For the past 5 1/2 months I've been doing the
Biggest Loser Challenge that was spearheaded
by my good friend Tristalene.
I've done well, but could do better.
Maybe if I exercised?
Maybe if I really payed
attention before stuffing my face full of
junk food thinking I'll do better tomorrow.

I will give myself a pat on the back for coming
in 3rd place overall last season (season 3).
My sis Debbie came in 1st!!!! She's AWESOME!
Steve was supposed to be in the top three with us.
Season 4, right honey?

Season 4 started on May 3rd and since then, I've
gained 1 pound each week.
It didn't help that I recently celebrated my
Mother's Day.
Excuses, excuses....

So now is the time to get back on the saddle.
To say enough is enough!
Get my big lazy booty on that treadmill and watch
everything I stuff into my mouth.
Look out people!
 I just may be the next
BIGGEST LOSER of Season 4!!!!
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